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Video Production
Having the property of transmitting rays of light through its substance so that bodies situated beyond or behind can be distinctly seen. 

All great works of art point to something beyond themselves.  By acting as a transparent conduit, videography is a way of capturing a piece of the mystery and sharing it with others.  

I fell in love with videography for it's ability to tell stories through images.  I am practicing the art of communicating messages of depth through the use of visual media.  

I earned my Masters in Journalism from Indiana University in 2004 and started an LLC shortly after.  I am forever grateful for my education at IU, which awakened in me a passion for interviewing and an insatiable sense of wonder.  I now experience that there are stories everywhere!  My favorite assignments are those that allow me to interview people about their lives.  

I also capture video footage of nature, everyday life and stock imagery.  I try to be as a silent observer, allowing the world to unfold.  I am always amazed by the footage collected from these outings; it’s always a surprise.  

The other part of my work is as an editor and producer.  I weave together compositions of interview moments, animations, photos and music to create audio-visual art forms.  It's a way of molding and sculpting a new composition out of the materials that surround us. I employ linear video editing systems (Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere) and graphics and animation software  (After Effects, Illustrator).  

I love stories, families, history, visual art, archives and the great mystery of life.  Each person I have the opportunity to interview is a treasure.  I am passionate about what I do, and I hope this passion shows in my  work.  

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